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Scott McGarry | Health & Fitness

Scott McGarry Health and Fitness based out of Ballymena are an industry leader in Northern Ireland.  Setting aside, the awards and accolades – The gym is a people’s gym.  The SMPT team specialise in a variety of different elements, which pulled together creates the perfect fitness solution for any goal and ambitions.

Scott McGarry Personal Training (SMPT)

Award winning Personal Training – Train with the best.


SMPT | Scott McGarry Personal Training

SMPT is a Personal Training brand that is made of 20 highly educated, highly skilled and highly sought after coaches – a team that is led by the Number 1 certified Personal Trainer of the Year; Scott McGarry (NFA, 2015). Scott McGarry Personal Training (SMPT) sets the standard in Personal Training within the United Kingdom.

Putting your health, fitness and goals in partnership with SMPT is the first step to ensuring that these are achieved.

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Do you have an SMPT journey or a Scott McGarry Health and Fitness story you’d love to share?  Contact us via our contact form or pop in and share your story – We would love to hear from you.

SMPT Transformation Courses

Scott McGarry Transformation program is a international leading body composition program. This is a program that constantly under evolution as the coaches within this program continually strive for perfection and set the barrier higher and higher each edition.

The SMPT transformation program has ran on multiple editions and is the gold standard of transformation programs in Northern Ireland. This program caters for the entire process of health and fitness. This is a program that utilises a wealth of knowledge gathered from a global school ground including such methods as lectured by the renowned Charles Poliquin.

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